When and where are the 2023 Ontario Parasport Games?

Durham Region will be hosting the 2023 Ontario Parasport Games beginning Friday, February 3 to Sunday, February 5, 2023. The Games will take place at multiple locations across the region. A full list of venues will be posted on the Games website.

What age are the athletes at the 2023 Ontario Parasport Games and how many participants will there be?

The 2023 Ontario Parasport Games will feature 550 participants (athletes, coaches and officials), with most athletes’ ages being under 35 years old.

How was Durham Region selected as the host?

Durham Region was awarded the 2023 Ontario Parasport Games by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport through a competitive bid process.

How are participating sports in the 2023 Ontario Parasport Games determined?

Sports represented in the 2023 Ontario Parasport Games are determined by a sport selection process conducted by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport with the recognized Provincial Sport Organizations.


How do I qualify for the 2023 Ontario Parasport Games?

Participants are selected by each sport’s respective Provincial Sport Organization through a qualification process. Please contact your sport’s Provincial Sport Organization for more information.

I have qualified for 2023 Ontario Parasport Games. How do I register?

Registration for the Games opens approximately three months in advance of the Games and is completed under the direction of each sport’s Provincial Sport Organization. Please contact your sport’s Provincial Sport Organization for more information.

How much does it cost to participate in the 2023 Ontario Parasport Games?

A registration fee is charged by the Host to the Provincial Sport Organization for each athlete attending the Games. Participation fees may vary by sport at the discretion of the Provincial Sport Organization if there are additional costs required to participate in the Games such as uniforms, training etc. Please consult with your Provincial Sport Organization for more information.

Where do I pay my registration fee for the Games?

Registration fees are paid through each sport’s Provincial Sport Organization. Please consult your sport’s Provincial Sport Organization for more information regarding registration fees.

Where will I be staying at the Games? When will I find out?

All participants will be housed in accommodations provided by the Games. Participants will have their own bed but will be sharing a room with other participants of the same participant type (e.g. athletes with athletes, coaches with coaches), sport and gender.

Participant accommodations will be communicated to you by your Provincial Sport Organization. For the safety of all participants, accommodation locations of each sport are not publicly posted.

What is provided to me at the Games accommodations?

Each room will have bed linens, pillow, blanket, towel, face cloth, soap and drinking cup.

What should I bring with me to the Games?

Participants must bring any items necessary to compete in your sport (e.g., uniforms, sport equipment, etc.) and their health card. Each participant is responsible for all their belongings at the sport venues and accommodations. Any valuables should always be kept secured.

Please consult with your PSO for specific items you may be required to bring and what arrangements, if any, have been made for storage. (e.g., sport equipment, bags etc.)

What food will I receive at the Games?

All participants will receive three meals a day starting with dinner on the night of the Opening Ceremony/registration to breakfast of the last day of competition for their sport. Additional meals may be offered to participants at the direction of the Provincial Sport Organization and Games organizers.

Any additional food outside of the three meals a day is the responsibility of the participant. If participants choose to bring snacks, please be aware that access to refrigerators may be limited or not available in the accommodations. Non-perishable nut free snacks would be encouraged.

I have an allergy/dietary restriction; how will the Games ensure I receive the correct meal?

All food allergy/dietary restriction information is collected through the registration process. Food services will use this information to plan meals for all participants. During meal periods, participants should notify Games representative(s) onsite of specific allergies/dietary restrictions.

Can friends and family visit me in my accommodations?

No, for the safety of all participants, friends and family must remain out of the Games accommodations during the Event. Only accredited individuals are permitted in accommodations.

How do I get to the Games?

All participants will be responsible for organizing their own travel to the 2023 Ontario Parasport Games. Participants who are arriving by train or airplane must have travel pre-approved through their Provincial Sport Organization.

Games organizers will arrange for transportation for participants with pre-approved travel to and from airport or train stations to the Games accommodations.

Please contact your sport’s Provincial Sport Organization for more information regarding where and when to arrive at the 2023 Ontario Parasport Games.

During the Games participants will be transported to and from their venue, accommodations and special events.

When will competition schedules be posted?

Competition schedules are set by the Provincial Sport Organizations and will be posted as they are available.


How do I sign-up to volunteer for the Games?

An online registration system for volunteers will be made available. The Games will review all volunteer registrations and begin offering positions closer to the Games.

What will I be doing as a volunteer? Can I choose what sport I volunteer at?

Through your registration form you will be able to indicate sports you are interested in volunteering with, skills you may be able to offer and your availability. Based on the information you provide while registering, the Games will do their best to offer you a position of interest and that best suits your skill set.

Training will be provided to all volunteers prior to the Games and just-in-time on site.

Is there a deadline to apply to volunteer?

No. However, volunteer registration may close without notice once all volunteer positions have been filled.

Is there a minimum number of hours/days I need to volunteer?

There is no minimum, however in most cases preference will be given to volunteers who can commit the most amount of hours/days.

Will a meal be provided during my shift?

All volunteers working a shift longer than four hours will be entitled to a meal.

I have special requests; can I still volunteer?

Yes, you can identify your special requests through the registration form. A member of the Games will be in contact if further information is required in order to place you in a volunteer position.

Is there a minimum or maximum age to volunteer?

Volunteer positions are available for 14 years of age and older. You must be 14 years of age or older as of January 15, 2023 to volunteer for the Parasport Games.

Do I have to get a background check completed?

Volunteers who are 18 years of age and older will be required to have an updated Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC).

When will I know if I have been selected?

Volunteers will be selected on a rolling basis. A member of the Games will contact you with more information regarding your role once you have been selected.

Do I have to attend a training session?

Yes, all volunteers are required to attend one pre-Games volunteer training session. Multiple training session times will be offered and will be communicated to you closer to the Games. Other options may be provided to volunteers who are not local.

Who do I contact if I have volunteer questions?

If you have any questions email volunteers@durhamregion2023.ca.

Will the Games cover my expenses to volunteer (transportation, parking, accommodations)?

No, all volunteers are responsible for their own expenses.

Can volunteer hours from the Games be used towards my high school diploma?

Yes, forms for completed hours can be signed by your supervisor on the last day of the Games.

I registered to volunteer, but my availability has changed or I am no longer available to volunteer. What should I do?

Please contact volunteers@durhamregion2023.ca to inform the Games of your change in availability.