Para Alpine

Para-Alpine encompasses athletes with varying physical abilities. Athletes compete in three categories: standing, sitting or visually impaired in the same disciplines as able-bodied skiers. Certain adaptations are used to make the sport accessible to its athletes. Some of the most common adaptations that are used are special equipment (sit-skis, outrigger skis, etc.) and a guide.

Watch this video to learn more about Para-Alpine.

CADS Ontario and Alpine Ontario Para Racing Team both offer more information.

Saturday, February 4th
Gold James Budrow – 1st run 40.60, 2nd run 39.94, Combined Time 80.54
Silver Jessica McPhee – 1st run 50.79, 2nd run 47.59, Combined Time 98.38


Sunday, February 5th
Gold James Budrow – 1st run 33.56, 2nd run 35.06, Combined Time 69.17
Silver Jessica McPhee – 1st run 35.02, 2nd run 36.08, Combined Time 71.11